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The Datenlotsen NT technology is almost ready. We will be able to offer it to all existing customers in the first quarter of 2016. Our CampusNet® product range is now completely based on the NT technology. The first clients have started to use the products for their businesses.

Datenlotsen have created a new licensing model: clients now subscribe to the software on a yearly basis. This technology opens up brand new value opportunities. Keeping our vision in mind, the technology (which has several patents) has been developed to be a product of the digital age.

Business models change quickly these days and today’s monolithic applications hinder those rapid changes. Applications must be available on all devices and integrate information from all kinds of sources to simplify business processes for the end user. Quickly, and based on the latest design protocols, NT Technology meets these needs.

The NT platform is an adaptive software platform, which quickly adjusts to the ever-changing needs of organisations whilst in operation – without the need for any programming. The NT platform forms the technical base for a new generation of enterprise software solutions: Adaptive applications. Adaptive applications are not made to last forever, but to embrace change. They are nimble All-rounder’s: they combine analytical functions with transactional abilities and therefore support intelligent decision management.

Standard applications such as from SAP are rigid, costly and a lot of time has to be invested into them. The new adaptive applications offer the necessary flexibility, innovation and functions that are required by the end user and organisations.

In addition they are inexpensive and the shortest route from brief to solution. They can be developed by us Datenlotsen or other IT specialists in collaboration with the client. This leads to quicker implementation, better process and data quality, and most of all to customer satisfaction.

Our pilot clients are the german MOT test center TÜV, Deutsche Bahn and the University of Bremen.