The Dashboard

Your personal starting point in CampusNet® NT: you can view your latest tasks, results and important information at a glance.

Simple and user-centred access to all functions

The dashboard as a central point for navigation

Freely configurable content and design

Role and People specific configuration

Representation of data and functions

Supports widget grouping and multiple dashboards

Intelligent design,
greater efficiency

Actions and tools

Contextual Navigation

Tabs and main menu

Content area

The new menu

Alongside the personalised dashboard, the structured menu gives a clear overview and easy access to all functions, even those you rarely use.

Better overview, user-centric

User-and role-specific views

Freely configurable functions and layout

Optimised for touchscreens

Search made easy

It is now even easier to find what you are looking for. With the new CampusNet® NT search function you can find any business object within seconds. The results are user-specific and organised in categories in a preview display format.

Complex searches in seconds

Result sorting by category

Preview of search results with direct acces to information

Complex queries support

The Tab families

No need to lose your place when you get interrupted and have to switch tasks! CampusNet® NT’s innovative tab system enables to you to keep track of parallel activities.

Take action

It is now even easier to “take action”. Actions in the new menu are now sorted in a user friendly way and grouped in processes. Especially important actions are highlighted and matching icons allow an easy and intuitive access.

Create favourites

It is possible to save any display or action as favourites. This enables you to access frequently used processes or tasks at anytime from any work station.

Transparent organisationen of your information

CampusNet® NT shows information tailored to your business processes. Enjoy the option of personalised configurations along with the advantages of off-the-shelf software.

Information displayed to match your role and current activity

Individual forms for editing data no longer required

Information grouped in panels according to topic

Clear site navigation


CampusNet® NT is cloud-ready. All processes are run via a centralized server infrastructure. This means that horizontal and vertical scaling of CampusNet® NT is easy. Response times stay in the milliseconds, independent of end user hardware.

Powerful filter tools

CampusNet® NT’s many filter tools allow data searches, save selections and views.  The necessary data is instantly available to the user. Search engines and filters can be saved as views and stored on the dashboard. Data searches are a thing of the past in many cases.

Any configuration and columns in any order

Sort and filter any data

Save all filters and specific display settings

Views can be freely configured and applied to specific business situations

Configure the interfaces and data display

You can configure CampusNet® NT according to your requirements. Matching the standard software to your requirements and business processes can be achieved by configuring user-centric views, dashboards, lists, detailed views and reports. This results complete support of your daily user and business processes.

Touch enabled

CampusNet® NT has been optimized for mobile and touch screen devices. Mobile devices, self-service terminals and VR systems are all fully supported. CampusNet® NT can be run on any latest hardware. .

Compatibility with CampusNet® Classic

CampusNet® NT is fully compatible with CampusNet® Classic and can be run in parallel on the same infrastructure. Different client software can be used according to which is optimal for a specific role at that stage. This enables easy migration of users from one User Interface to the other without having to change the IT infrastructure.