CampusNet® Mobile

CampusNet® Mobile is a solution from Datenlotsen to make it possible for your students to simply use many CampusNet® functions whilst on the go. Any test results published? What room is the lecture being held? Has the lecturer got the new handouts available? Your students will find answers to these and other questions anytime anywhere with CampusNet® Mobile – via their smart phone, tablet using the Webapp, iPhone app or universal app for windows 10. Different variants of the solution are available and universities can add their own individual extra functions.

Wearables Support

Now also supported by widgets (Android and iOS) and Apple watch app! Students and lecturers alike can now view upcoming events in a simple way.


Android und iOS App

The Android and iOS app can be tailored to match your university web design and comes with the latest version containing CampusNet® functions:


Event overviews

View & download material

Exam lists

Send and receive messages

Cafeteria menu

University news

University specific information


Naturally the web app can be matched to your university individual web design and their functions. It supports all the usual smart phones and platforms. Please ask us for a detailed list.

Universal app

The first Windows 10 compatible Campus Management App for higher education is available at integrated Windows stores in Germany (since October 2012).

Students, using the new Microsoft operating system, can open the scripts on their tablet while sitting in these lectures and make their notes at the same time. A quick peep at the menu shows what food choice is today available in the cafeteria. And via "live tiles" of Windows 10, students are automatically informed on their desktop about new courses, exam dates, messages or educational tools. The advantage of using Windows 10 compared to using the web browser is the vast display capability of Windows 10. Individual courses can be highlighted in different colours and their order can be personalised.

To operate Campus Net® Mobile requires that the users are linked with one of the 60+ universities in Germany. The university also requires the appropriate licence to run the Windows 10 app. Interested students and universities can download a demo version of the app via Android Play, the iOS App Store and the Windows Store.

Bundle for individual requirements

Datenlotsen are able to offer you solutions suitable to meet your specific demands. Hence CampusNet® Mobile for WebApp and iPhone-App comes in three different variants. You decide which bundle works best for you.



CampusNet® Mobile Basic includes the WebApp and the iPhone app and both components can be individualised to your unique university web design. The iPhone-App comes with the range of functions as described; you can then choose which to apply for your organisation. We not only offer the technology but also offer support with professional step-by-step project management, from the design phase of the app, via internal marketing, availability in store and maintenance all the way to end user support.



CampusNet® Mobile Individual can be obtained as an addition to CampusNet® Mobile Basic. The iPhone-App will be tailored to your individual requirements. This way you can integrate your own internal university specific services with other external services. You receive an app, which has been precisely tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. .




Would you like to develop your own mobile application or expand the CampusNet® functions? With CampusNet® Mobile Framework we can offer you open (accessible) technology and functions, you can develop your own application while integrating the functions of CampusNet®. The individually programmed versions will run through our quality control before being approved by us at Datenlotsen. We can then guarantee the smooth and correct implementation of the CampusNet® functions and you can enjoy the Datenlotsen support.


The implementation of CampusNet® Mobile is quick and, even with limited resources, can be completed within a few weeks.


Datenlotsen are responsible for most of the necessary jobs on your behalf. If you decide for the ‘basic’ bundle we offer the following standard implementation:


Choice of the desired functions available within the university


Adapt the design with the Corporate identity of the organisation (handled by Datenlotsen)


Joint technical installation of the components


Ready for download: The WebApp can be integrated on your homepage and downloaded from there - or the iPhone app can be provided and downloaded via the Apple Store (coordinated by the Datenlotsen).

If you decide for bundle ‘Individual’ or ‘Developer’ the implementation differs and we will prepare an individual introduction, completely tailored to your specific needs.

Amongst others the following universities already implemented CampusNet® Mobile:

BiTS Business and Information
Technology School GmbH

Hochschule für
Künste Bremen


Ruhr West

Hamburg School of
Business Administration

Hochschule Heidelberg