The affordable solution

The CampusNet® service is a cost-effective solution to develop growth, particularlyfor smaller universities. Universities benefit from a professional CampusManagement System without having to make big investments into their own ITresources. Available via a leasing model, CampusNet® is operated for our clientsfrom a modern, constantly attainable and certified data control server run byDatenlotsen. At the beginning we configure the system as necessary and afterwardstake care of the ongoing trouble-free operation. Our high level of service provides forall system-critical issues like data backup, system maintenance and support.


You can access all CampusNet® functions via a secure Internet connection and onlyrequire your existing IT infrastructure from desktop computers with Internet access.No need to invest into expensive server hardware. The introduction of CampusNet®is accelerated by preset specifications and the amount of configuration is reduced toa minimum. An affordable fixed price model facilitates integration with CampusNet®.The pricing model includes configuration and operation and allows for financialpredictability.


Our certified data centres are run to the highest quality and safety standards. Overspecifiedinfrastructure ensures maximum reliability and optimum systemperformance and also the professional operation of CampusNet®. Severalmechanisms make sure that only authorized users can gain access - via a secureconnection - to CampusNet®. These employees have continual access to create, forexample, evaluations and statistical reports. Particularly sensitive transactions suchas the registration for exams or entering marks will be additionally secured by TANprocedures.


With CampusNet® as a service you can rely on our experts. We take care ofeverything required for the smooth and secure operation of CampusNet®. OurCampusNet® experts analyse the software operation on a regular basis. We havedirect access in case any software/hardware modifications are required. Professionalsupport, guaranteed response times and regular updates are a matter of course.