Participating in the
Dialogue-orientated Service Procedure


Application management

The Dialog orientated service Procedure (DoSP) should solve the issues withmultiple applications and delays in the allocation of study places. Based on thestandard software “CampusNet® Apply” Datenlotsen have developed a solutionwhich also enables universities using older HIS modules (version 10 with BSOSinterface), to connect to the DoSP. With this solution you can continue to operateyour HIS modules without having to rely on a direct connector for HIS. Within theapplication management the segment applications are ‘bridged’ via CampusNet®Apply. Alternatively, you can replace the entire application and admission processwith CampusNet® Apply - we would be happy to prepare an individual quotation for you.

How do I operate CampusNet® Apply and HIS systems in parallel?

Applicant data can be transferred to the HIS-GX modules by exporting fromCampusNet® Apply and importing onto the BSOS interface of HIS. We can providethe configuration data required for BSOS. If you want to continue using your QISZULPortal (in case courses are not offered on ) you can do so bylinking both portals using a web page as a switch that directs the applicants to thecorrect portal according to their subject course (see illustration).

The communication between CampusNet® Apply and is done via a web service interface. All applicants can access the web sites of CampusNet®
Apply via an Internet-enabled device, whether it is a conventional PC or mobile device and can submit their application or take perform other tasks (for example, view status’ or documents). Your university staff can use “CampusNet® Apply Client”, which will be installed on the servers in your university computer centre. Upon request we can provide CampusNet® Apply as a virtual server ("VM"), which
comes fully pre-configured to simplify installation. Alternatively, the entire infrastructure of CampusNet® Apply can be operated from our data centre at Datenlotsen – "CampusNet® as a Service".

How complicated is the configuration?

The effort required for all necessary work can easily be calculated. In order to useCampusNet® Apply at your university, it is necessary to create the course offering inCampusNet®. For that, the basic data of the respective examination regulations mustbe configured and the application processes set up. From experience it only takes afew minutes to configure the examination regulation data, which are required for theapplication management for a Bachelor of Arts degree with main and secondarysubjects.To set up the application process, CampusNet® Apply provides a variety oftemplates, on which you can quickly build up your application management. Onrequest, we can provide CampusNet® Apply already pre-configured with standardinformation which reduces the effort even further. Thus, a minimum amount of time isspent on the basic configuration. From experience it only takes a few minutes toconfigure the examination regulation data, which are required for the applicationmanagement for a Bachelor of Arts degree with main and secondary subjects.

An important quality for application and admission software is its ability to portraycountry-specific allocation regulations within the software. As a new additional level,the process logic of software has been added. Certainspecifications have to be followed relating to locally restricted study courses. Thislimits the procurement regulations of individual federal states in Germany but also theuniversities own regulations in terms of individual sub-processes.

CampusNet® or rather CampusNet® Apply has been in full operation at 60universities in 12 different federal states and created a standard for process variantsregarding federal state specific regulations. University staff can auto-configure thesespecific federal state requirements - no programming is necessary. Any adjustmentsrequired for other states/counties have been assessed and taken into account for thenext software update. They are available for all universities without request.

Can I use CampusNet® Apply for other study programmes, such as and not locally restricted study programmes?

Yes, with CampusNet® Apply you purchase a complete application and admission software that can be used for any kind of application procedures. Many of our
customers have already decided to delineate all courses in CampusNet® Apply. However you can also concentrate on the locally restricted admission courses only and continue to use your existing application processes for all others.

Is CampusNet® Apply fully integrated, meaning are all kinds of system interface users cases supported?

CampusNet® Apply is available in several versions. Currently, all-important massapplications are also available fully automated. It is only supported in the initialimplementation stage, the decentralized procedure. Once the process has startedsuccessfully, other functions (in accordance to the current state of the overallprocess) are automated and provided to you as part of the support.

Do our employees have to work with two systems?

That depends on whether courses are offered at your university that are not held in and aren’t managed in CampusNet® Apply. If there are any reasons to keep these two systems then the application management can be operated on both. However, CampusNet® Apply can be used for any courses offered at your university.

Does implementing CampusNet® Apply require elaborate training?

Unfortunately some training is required. However, using CampusNet® Apply isideally aligned to the requirements of the application management: Some employeeswill need to be trained by us to be prepared to tackle rare or non-recurring activities(such as creating online forms or rankings). For other employees taking over thehandling of the "mass tasks", the required training isn’t as intense.

What happens if at some point I update to a new HIS version? Do charges arise to adjust CampusNet® Apply?

No, in this case we can configure the according tables – as part of our support service.

When offers multiple courses, can CampusNet® Apply display these?

Yes, the implementation of multiple study programmes was implemented in spring 2012.