Fully functional Campus management system for the Student LifeCycle.

As an integrated campus management system, CampusNet® supports the management of daily academic and administrative processes at universities and links them with the functionality of a classic resource management and contact management system. The academic processes of the so-called Student Lifecycle or academic life cycle are mapped digitally in CampusNet® - admin is minimized and the quality of work increases..

For university management, teachers and students alike

CampusNet® is the first fully integrated and process driven campus management software which supports university management, administration, teachers, students and third parties. The software has a unique approach: examination regulations, courses and exams are viewed in combination with each other rather than separately. The examination regulations depicted in the system form the core of all processes of the academic life cycle.

  • an open and integrated platform displays the exam regulations, educational events and exams next to each other
  • models the examination regulations depicted in the system that form the core of the academic life cycle process
  • a flexible overall solution in any process driven university environment

Examination regulations as a design element

Datenlotsen decided to provide the exam regulations as a design element at the heart of the system. This ensures that universities can flexibly represent the different conditions and any rules of study management. This paradigm of the software solution with its urge for high-school development is the key success factor of CampusNet®.

Role Management vs

Within the Role Management sector, the processing of original and transaction data of applicants, students, teachers, student admission officers and examination officers is a complex process. The complexity of these processes and their corresponding functions within in the Campus Management software can be compared to software solutions from other sectors.

The requirements for the software are comparable despite different regulations within individual federal states of Germany and university-specific management practices. They are eligible as a solid framework for software development and only regular updates are necessary.

The exceptional complexity ...

of CampusNet® is illustrated by the procedural and legal requirements of the academic core processes. This is part of study-management and how they process the original and transaction data of educational events, lecture locations, exam and term administration.

Security and privacy

Dealing with identities is an important part of CampusNet®. In modern university infrastructure services, such as campus management, solutions and web services may only be used taking into account the verified authentication and authorization. Hence existing identity management systems need to be seamlessly integrated or new systems have to be built.

Datenlotsen established, in collaboration with universities, an individually defined rights and role concept in accordance with the respective organizational structures and co-operate closely with the Data Protection Officer of the university or the country.

Various mechanisms such as authentication, authorization, and encryption provided in CampusNet® ensure that only authorized persons via secure connections can use certain services in accordance with the specification of their role.

The security component draws on the identity management of the university. To register for exams, students need an additional transaction number (TAN) for CampusNet®. The permission rights for the staff at the examination office (to view or amend) are also clearly defined: They can be configured so that certain employees can read reviews, but are not allowed to change them.


Campus Net® can be flexibly integrated into the diverse structures of today's IT environments thanks to the consistent implementation of a layered architecture. The individual layers can be operated separately from each other. Datenlotsen offer Campus Integration (a service oriented infrastructure framework) in order to integrate into the highly complex IT environments found in Universities.

The application connectivity layer forms the basis for a successful integration of CampusNet®. It allows the operation of the software on different platforms such as Windows, Solaris, Linux or IBM iSeries. With the flexible gateway concept is it possible to connect CampusNet® with different databases (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL or DB2).

CampusNet® supports standard interfaces such as SOAP services, COM, XML, .NET or J2EE. When existing interfaces are not sufficient enough (because a third-party application only offers a proprietary interface) there is the possibility to integrate your own function library.