You want answers to questions today which might only come up in the future?

How many students have subscribed to which course? What is the dropout rate in specific student years? With the Campus Reporting Services (CRS), offered by Datenlotsen, universities have a comprehensive reporting solution, tailored to their needs. CRS provides all the functionality of a modern management information system (MIS) - with two different on demand variants: standard and individual ‘ad hoc’ reports.

Areas of operation

The CRS not only draws on data from CampusNet® but are also able to retrieve data from other systems such as financial accounting or HR software and assimilate them. A comprehensive database is provided for future developments (for example, the numbers of new applicants per term) and "what if" scenarios.

Standard reports can be defined and are then automatically supplied within a certain time frame (viewable via the web portal or received by email). Reports can be sent on a regular basis to the most recent applicants. Many standard reports are already pre-configured and included in the basic package and can therefore be used immediately.

On demand Ad hoc reports supply data on individual requests. Adhering to the permission settings of the CRS, users can only access data they are authorised to. For example: In response to a press inquiry about dropout rates in a particular subject, the system carries out a data scan over the last semesters.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive reporting system for professional university management
  • Quick supply of reports and forecasts
  • Data integration from any source
  • Instant available reports
  • Individual ad hoc reports on demand
  • A reporting solution tailored to university needs
  • Utilisation of best software standards