Simplified document
management for universities

Campus Document Services (CDS) combines data from various systems (e.g. financial accounting or the library system) using your own document templates. If required by universities, and legally permitted, all processes can be paperless; this results into immense cost savings. Based on LiveCycle Enterprise Suite by Adobe, CDS can create standardised documents. These are developed on a graphically appealing interface in CampusNet® and produced as PDF or PDF/A and legally secured by digital signatures.

Areas of operation

Universities create a variety of documents on a daily basis, from enrolment forms to graduation certificates. A solution is required to help to automate the creation of standardised documents. Data capture for these kinds of documents is often stored on different systems within a university. A typical example: A student may have graduated, but has yet to pay outstanding fees. With Campus Document Services a letter can be automatically generated stating the fees owed. This information is automatically transferred to a configured PDF document and generated by CampusNet® once the student is de-registered.

Further advantages

  • Simplified integration of external data with standard documents
  • Automatic integration with PDF and PDF/A
  • Process optimisation for long-term archiving
  • Digital legally binding signature
  • Paperless transactions leading to cost savings
  • Simplified distribution via the web portal ready for students to download
  • Continuously viewable documents in CampusNet® Client