High school of Communication and Design (HfK + G) counts on CampusNet®

The High School of Communication and Design (HfK + G), with its offices in Stuttgart
and Ulm, has proven that the decision to introduce CampusNet® has shown once
again, that the software solution from Hamburg company Datenlotsen is equally
suitable for private high schools as well as universities and colleges.


For over a year now HfK+G has been a state-recognized university with innovativedegree programmes in corporate and market communication and communicationdesign. They have been using CampusNet® from day one to offer a professionalservice. HfK+G’s fully integrated solution links all relevant administrative, service andprocess areas of the university including lecture, application and examinationmanagement.HfK+G runs courses with a focus on corporate/ marketing communications andcommunication design, at both of their sites (Stuttgart and Ulm). Each course can beread either as a dual study in cooperation with partner companies or as a classicstudy with practical semesters. Their students graduate after six semesters with aBachelor of Arts (B.A.).

The course subjects focusing on corporate and market communications are basedon media, marketing and communications and are tailored to the requirements of theadvertising industry. Advertising, sponsorship, sales promotion, PR, direct and eventmarketing all open up many career opportunities.

Communication designers develop strategies for a particular design. The maintasks are to design (from concept) layouts that cover all kind of visual communicationand advertising in various forms such as print, out-of-home posters, ads, variousprinted collateral, film and video and web and digital design.

As a leading software solution for educational organisations CampusNet® embodiesthe organisational know-how and experience of almost 20 years of softwaredevelopment for more than 70 university customers. CampusNet® with its highlyconfigurable functions allows the software to adapt to different types and sizes ofuniversities, and to achieve the most suitable solution between customer and userrequirements.